Our Services

  • 30-minute targeted massage

    The 30-minute massage is intended for clients with specific needs or dysfunctions who are short on time or want to see if massage is right for them. During your appointment, massage will generally focus on 1-2 areas of the body with the goal of decreasing any pain or discomfort caused by injury, tight muscles or chronic conditions.

  • 60-minute custom massage

    A 60-minute massage offers the opportunity to more thoroughly assess and treat your muscular needs. The hour can range from a full body massage focused on general relaxation and overall well-being to a massage that treats specific medical conditions or spends the additional time needed on your trouble areas.

  • 90-minute custom massage

    A 90-minute custom massage gives you the most bang for your buck. During your session, you will receive a full body massage enhanced by the ability to give more care and time to the areas causing the most pain or discomfort. As a result, you will not only leave feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated, but confident that your body’s needs were addressed as completely as possible.

  • Package Rates

    Make your health and well-being a priority by purchasing a massage package. You will get discounted rates saving you money and guarantee ongoing care for your health and wellness needs.

    5-pack of 30 minute massages - $175
    3-pack of 60 minute massages - $210
    5-pack of 60 minute massages - $340
    3-pack of 90 minute massages - $310
    5-pack of 90 minutes massages - $500

    Payment Methods

    Payment methods accepted are cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

*Per IRS guidelines, when massage therapy is prescribed by a physician as treatment for a specific medical condition, you are eligible for reimbursement through your healthcare savings account. However, massage therapy for general health does not qualify as a medical expense. Check with your provider to ensure eligibility.

For more complete descriptions of types of massage used and how they can help you, check out the Techniques and Benefits page.